HSM (Homestead or School Module)

ECSIA® is offering the HSM for schools, universities and homesteaders. Education is crucial to everyone's success.

The HSM can feed several people and is a manageable introduction for the farmer at heart to the ECSIA® family of growing options. The HSM is not just a teaching module or a small scale family module. The HSM has the same full blown capabilities as the FFM, FCM and CCM.

The HSM is a beast when it comes to food production for your family. Efficiency, productivity and affordability are 3 staples of every ECSIA® product.

The HSM blazes a trail for educators and homesteaders. Curriculum's are available for educators including power points and other teaching aids. The ECSIA® management manual is the same for the HSM as it is for the CCM.

  • 200-250 lbs of fish annually
  • 9 lettuce/Kale daily at 3/4 lb = 63 lettuce weekly (5 week growing cycle)
  • Yield does not include tuber and vining crops
  • *100 lbs-160 lbs of Cherax Quadricarinatus (Red Claw Crayfish) annually

** Operating costs for the ECSIA® Home School Module (HSM)

Yearly operating costs for the Home School Module range from $154.00 (no lights) to $1,330.00 (2 lights per trough). In order to achieve optimal grow levels, it is recommended that each trough be operated with 2 ECSIA Grow Lights for recommended lighting times.

Refer to the ECSIA Operation Guide for a complete listing of all equipment and yearly operating costs