FFM (Family Farmers Market Module)

The FFM was designed for those interested in small scale commercial agriculture. Regardless of your experience level in growing fish or plants, the possibilities are endless with this module. Perfect for beginning a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) or growing weekly produce for local farmers market(s), the FFM is an intelligent choice for small farmers. The FFM occupies approximately 700' square feet of space.

Sequential rearing of plants in this module easily affords a weekly, bountiful harvest.

Do not underestimate the yields and profit potential from the FFM. This is a serious revenue generator with a very healthy margin.

Although only one person is required to manage and operate the FFM, it is a module modeled for a family business. As with all ECSIA® modules, organic certification is easily accomplished.

Do not discount the amount of vine and tuber crops that the FFM can produce annually. It is truly noteworthy and adds to your bottom line. These numbers are not reflected in the yield data supplied on our site. The potential to grow your business by adding additional FFM modules to serve captive markets, is the natural progression of the ECSIA® business model.

Consisting of 1 each 500 gallon fish tank, 1 each AWWC, 1 each VFS, 1 each WPS, 9 each rafting troughs and 45 each grow trays. The FFM comes complete with all additional components, including all necessary aeration components and water pump.

  • 350 - 500 lbs of fish annually
  • 189 - 297 lettuce/kale harvested weekly (5 week grow cycle)
  • Up to108 micro lettuce/micro kale weekly
  • Yield does not include tuber and vining crops
  • *500 lbs - 720 lbs of Cherax Quadricarninatus (Red Claw Crayfish) annually

** Operating costs for the ECSIA® Family Farmers Market Module (FFM)

Yearly operating costs for the Family Farmers Market Module range from $1,090.00 (no lights) to $6,381.00 (2 lights per trough). In order to achieve optimal grow levels, it is recommended that each trough be operated with 2 ECSIA Grow Lights for recommended lighting times.

Refer to the ECSIA Operation Guide for a complete listing of all equipment and yearly operating costs