FCM (Farmers Commercial Module)

Designed for those who desire to produce a larger portion of the food supply, the FCM works for the established and experienced farmer. The farmer looking to dilute risk and open new markets.

The FCM allows for a quarterly fish harvest, thus branding the farmer as offering a more consistent supply of fish to their customers. Sequential rearing of produce, fish and crayfish allows for several harvests throughout the year. The FCM footprint requires approximately 5,500' square feet of space.

The FCM is an excellent module for the farmer that creates their own value added products. Why not develop your companies personalized line of "Local" condiments or dressings. Maybe "Grandma's" Basil Vinaigrette recipe would be a good start. The opportunities are endless.

Vine and tuber crop production, in addition to the yield data supplied for the FCM, truly sets ECSIA® apart from any other commercial growing system in the world.

The potential to grow your business by adding additional FCM modules to serve emerging markets, is the natural progression of the ECSIA® business model.

The FCM comes with 4 each 1,200 gallon fish tanks, 1 each AWWC, 4 each VFS, 2 each WPS, 72 each rafting troughs, 360 each grow trays and all necessary components; including all necessary aeration components and water pumps.

  • 3,000 - 4,800 lbs of fish annually
  • 7,560 plant spaces divided by 35 day grow cycle = 216 plant spaces a day = 10 trays daily
  • 4,320 plant spaces harvested every 14-21 days (micro)
  • EX: 210 head lettuce daily @ 3/4 lb = 1,470 head weekly
  • EX: 120 head of micro lettuce daily = 840 micro lettuce weekly
  • Yield does not include tuber and vining crops
  • *1,000 lbs - 1,440 lbs of Cherax Quadricarinatus (Red Claw Crayfish) annually