CCM (Contract Commercial Module)

Just add water, plants, fish and crayfish!

CCM System - Contact ECSIA for pricing information.

The CCM was designed as the largest, manageable module. This module was designed with the major wholesaler in mind. Those companies that have profit and loss forecasting data dictated by the weather.

This module has 48 each 1,200 gallon fish tanks representing 48 weeks or 11 months. After an ECSIA® module is established, starting week 48, you can harvest 800lbs - 1,200lbs of fish weekly. This sustainable supply of fish establishes the consistent supply of fish demanded by reliable customers.

Most fish have seasonal supply constraints. Yellow Perch for example are harvested for a very short window from the great lakes. The CCM allow for a consistent and continuous supply of fish, weekly.

The CCM occupies a 1 3/4 acre foot print. In this amount of space, the CCM grows as much food as 20-23 acres of soil.

The CCM comes with 48 each 1,200 gallon fish tanks, 4 each AWWC,  48 each VFS, 4 each WPS, 552 or 1,080 each rafting troughs, 5,400 grow trays and all necessary components: including all necessary aeration components and water pumps.

  • 40,000 - 57,000 lbs of fish annually
  • 91,080 plant spaces divided by 35 day grow cycle = 2,602 plant spaces a day = 79 trays daily
  • 4,320 plant spaces harvested every 14-21 days (micro)
  • 1,656 head lettuce daily @ 3/4 lb = 11,592 head weekly
  • 946 head of micro lettuce daily = 6,624 head micro lettuce weekly
  • Yield does not include tuber and vining crops
  • *20,000 lbs - 32,000 lbs of Cherax Quadricarinatus (Red Claw Crayfish) annually