Our patent pending technology includes mineralizing fish waste in an RAS (Recirculating Aquaculture System) or closed loop system, converting the waste into plant food, in hours not weeks. This is accomplished within our AWWC (Aquaculture Waste Water Conversion unit).


ECSIA® services include custom system design. Redesign and retrofitting of existing systems. Site evaluation and consulting. Feasibility Studies, Business Plans, Sales and Marketing Plans , Certified Naturally Grown consulting, USDA Organic certification consulting and HAACP consulting.


The ECSIA® product line includes several products for any size aquaponics or ECSIA® system.

More than anyone, we understand the importance of quality components and excellent service.

  • The aquaculture kit at Wapahani is a tremendous asset to our school. Our students are learning important skills and concepts in preparation for their futures.
    - Bryan Rausch : Superintendent of Liberty Perry School Corporation
  • Glynn's work and the ESCIA food production system address today's profound and interconnected energy, water and food challenges that limit current and future prosperity in Indiana and the U.S.
    - Dr. John Motloch
  • The ECSIA® technology captured my attention the moment I picked and ate a tomato in the middle of December. The availability of fresh produce but especially the taste of all fruits and vegetables from the ECSIA® system, have made me re-evaluate the financial model for most farming.

    - Curt Whitcomb